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The blockchain technology is a technology center around the storage and the distribution of information in a more secure, more efficient way. It can be pictured as a decentralized ledger where every bit of information is distributed not copied. Where the blockchain is considered as the « new internet » is because every transaction between users is save and shared between those users without the need of a third party. This allows every single user to verify the validity of the blockchain.

If you want to have a more detailed picture of the Blockchain, I supposed that you already came…

There is no need to be a manager or to have a team to think like a leader. I’m a Business Analyst, I Don’t have a team, but I learned how to think like a leader, and this is what I learned.

As a Business Analyst one of the soft skills that you need to master is think like a leader. Thinking Like A Leader is flows around 3 axes. Think Like A Leader, Talk Like a leader and Act Like a leader.

Think like a Leader. One thing I learned is that thinking like a leader is not thinking…

The year 2020 is without a shadow of a doubt, the year that really started the digital transformation of our offices. Between the cloud storage, the cloud computing and digitalization of our communication channel beyond the simple email, our office can be our laptop, our tablet or just our phone. Some companies made that transition easily and for most the tools were already implemented and in use. The challenge for them was to scale that use to every part of the company. For other well that transition was more complicated, and some company are still in the process of adapting…

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Hi, my name is Yves and I’m a Business Analyst, … hum so you are doing business intelligence things, nope I’m a business analyst … hum so you like a data analyst but for the business … nope I think you know where I want to go with those example. I’m a business analyst and every time I try to explain my job, I end up with a comparison to another one. So before telling you what a business analyst does let’s first try to understand what business analysis is.

According to the Babok (Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge) from…

The Map Is Not The Territory illustration (made with Canvas)

For many of us, the way we see the world today is the way that the world should be. We came in this world as neutral as a white paper but our mind map is feed by our perception, our vision, our hearing, our smell, our taste, our believes about the outside world. The situation the world is in right now is a cruel but down to earth reminder that we are all equal and that the map is not the territory.

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Business Analyst by day, wannabe writer by night !!

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